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19 May 2009 @ 10:41 am
[magi] rin app that will never be posted.  
NAME: Magi
LIVEJOURNAL: heartlaced
CONTACT INFO: magi magikarp at AIM

CHARACTER NAME: Sohma Isuzu (goes by her nickname, Rin)
SERIES: Fruits Basket

BACKGROUND AND PERSONALITY: If you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. Especially if you're a member of a certain shoujo-oriented family, since oops there's a hobo living in your backyard now! This is pretty much what happens when a girl named Tohru Honda accidentally camps out on the property of the Sohma family, but since they're ~charming~ people, they give her a place to stay instead of suing her or something mean like that. So she stays with them for a while and starts learning more about them.

The Sohmas are a pretty big family, and they're definitely not poor, but they have their share of troubles and secrets, too. Some of the Sohma children were supposed to have been "cursed" with especially bad luck when they were born, which led to them being isolated from the rest of the family, and they get a complimentary tragic background, too! Rin was one of those children, but unlike the rest of them, she always seemed to have a good life. Her parents took care of her and smiled at her and said they loved her, but they smiled so much that it started to seem strange to her, so she asked them why they were so happy. Except... oops that was the wrong thing to do.

Rin's parents were actually just as stressed as the other parents of Sohma children, but they thought they could pretend that they loved their daughter and everything would be alright. They kind of snap when Rin points it out to them, though, and while she tries to apologize, they yell and yell at her and say that they can't go back to pretending now. That was the beginning of a pretty bad time for Rin--her parents didn't smile at her anymore, and when she collapsed and got sent to the hospital, they even told her she didn't have to come home anymore, because they couldn't deal with having her around.

So while she never really saw her parents after that, she became friends with another Sohma child, Hatsuharu, her cousin. He came to visit her in the hospital and snuck out with her, too, and he actually ends up getting feelings for her and so, Haru asks her to go out with him. By this point, Rin liked him a lot, too, but she doesn't want to get Haru in trouble with Akito, the head of the Sohma house who desperately needed anger management. They do start dating for a while, though, but Akito ends up finding out after all, and stuff kind of hits the fan around that point.

Rin tries to prevent Haru from getting in trouble, so when Akito confronts her about dating Haru, she claims that it was all her idea, which... sort of makes things better and sort of makes them worse. Akito believes her, but he starts going on about how he hates women and they're so manipulative, etc. etc., and in a hissy fit of rage, he pushes Rin out of a window. Oooops. She ends up being okay, it's just that now she has a scar on her back, but she breaks up with Haru shortly after.

She doesn't really tell him why, and Haru gets kind of confused and upset about it later, but Rin has a plan to distance herself from Haru and instead free him from being under Akito's thumb. This plan involves bargaining with another Sohma, Shigure, and Akito himself, so she's going to need leverage -- leverage which could come from being a famous model. Rin's always had good looks, so it's no surprise that she gets an offer from an agency in Triou, but the other members of the family are pretty surprised when she takes it. It's for Haru, though, so she's willing to do it, and that's how Rin came to Triou.

... Except there's a catch. Remember that Tohru Honda girl from earlier? Rin had been trying to stay away from her, since Tohru reminded her of Haru in that they were both nice people, and Rin kind of has a complex about nice people, since she believes they'll only be used by those around them. Tohru had already moved to Triou with Ayame Sohma, though! Which doesn't make Rin very happy, but she ends up befriending Tohru anway, gd nice people. And that's pretty much where Rin is today!

Rin's been said to be like a wild mare by some people, and she certainly fits the image. She's stubborn and not afraid to lash out at someone if they get her mad, and she spends most of her time being rude to people. She doesn't actually dislike most people, though; she's just kind of socially awkward, and she believes that people who are kind should stay in their own sort of world where no one can hurt them or use them, since there are people who would. Due to her experiences with her parents, she really does believe that she's a "bad" person, but after meeting Haru and dating him, Rin thinks that the least she can do is try to make him happy, because he deserves better than being stuck with the Sohmas. She cares about him a lot and is kind of hung up, so :B


ANYTHING ELSE? If there are other people apping from Fruits Basket and apping Haru, feel free to IM me so we can talk about background and stuff, which I'm totally okay with changing for people! \o